The Phenomenological Society of Ljubljana was founded in 1990 on the initiative of Dean Komel, Tine Hribar, Ivan Urbančič and Andrina Tonkli-Komel. The main goal of the society is to develop the phenomenological and hermeneutic philosophy and to promote philosophical discussions on culture and science. Its first president was Ivan Urbančič. In 1996 he was succeeded by the former vice-president and organiser Dean Komel. Since 1991 the Phenomenological Society has been publishing its own book collection and journal entitled Phainomena. In 1996 a hermeneutic-phenomenological student section was formed within the framework of the Phenomenological Society. The society has been co-operating with numerous individuals as well as institutions from abroad working in the field of phenomenology and hermeneutics.

Activities of the Phenomenological Society:

The Chair of the Society: The Phenomenological Society, Dalmatinova 1, d.o.o. Nova revija, Ljubljana 1000, tel. 00386 01 4334074,;

Or: The Phenomenological Socitey, Department of Philosophy, (cab. 432), The Faculty of Arts, Aškerčeva 2, Ljubljana 1000

Person to Contact: Dean Komel, Department of Philosophy, (cab. 432a), tel. 386 01 2411106, E-mail:

The PHAINOMENA book collection (Editors: Tine Hribar and Dean Komel)

Some major events: